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Eco Maison

Perfect integration with the surrounding landscape, use of the latest technologies and renewable energy sources, choice of certified raw materials with low environmental impact: this is why Aux Pieds du Roi is an Eco Maison and not just a hotel.

The philosophy that gave birth to the project is simple: where nature is respected and protected, human life improves as well. That's when personal and environmental well-being intertwine to give back an idea of holiday finally close to the new standards of ecology and environmental sustainability.

  • Heating plant consisting of the latest generation pellet boiler and a geothermal plant with eleven probes at 150 metres of depth, among the largest and most powerful of Cervino’s Valley
  • Certified Binderholz timber
  • Use of glues without formaldehyde
  • Triple glass windows for maximum thermal insulation
  • Home automation systems in each suite for the control of lighting and temperature
  • Under floor heating which prevents the loss of heat and movement of fine particles
  • Energy-saving LEDs
  • Best possible insulation
  • Internal ventilation system for air recovery in the Spa and the swimming pool

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